Regulatory Updates


TGRAs and the NIGC: Are There Conflicts? - by Jamie Hummingbird  12/1/08

Tough Economic Times: Employment Law Issues Facing Indian Gaming Employers - by Scott A. Wilson  12/1/08

Tribal Gaming Regulators: 20 Years of Fighting Theft, Fraud and Ensuring Public Confidence in Indian Gaming - by Alan Bailey  11/1/08

NIGC Approves Class II Minimum Internal Control and Technical Standards - by National Indian Gaming Commission  10/1/08

IGRA - If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It - by Ben Nighthorse Campbell  9/1/08

BSA/Title 31 Update and Refresher - by Joe Oprosko  8/1/08

Talk is Cheap! Indian Tribes Must Proactively Prepare for Union Organizing Efforts for Union Organizing - by Kevin J. Allis  7/1/08

Rincon Wins Vital Lawsuit That Could Legally Define “Fair Share” in Future Compact Negotiations - by John D. Currier  7/1/08

Successorship Under the National Labor Relations Act: The Basics Every Employer Should Know - by Kevin J. Allis  5/1/08

Smoking Bans In Tribal Casinos: Health Issue or Labor's Latest Smokescreen Assault on Tribal Sovereignty? - by John H. Douglas  5/1/08

Update on the Proposed Class II Gaming Regulations - by D. Michael McBride, III,   4/1/08

Union Organizing in Indian Country: Update, Practical Tips and Right to Work Ordinances - by Scott A. Wilson  4/1/08

NIGC's Proposed Class II Regulations: At Odds with the First Purpose of Indian Gaming? - by Knute Knudson  4/1/08

Economic Impact of NIGC's Proposed Class II Gaming Regulations - by Norm DesRosiers  4/1/08

Protecting Tribal Sovereignty - by Anthony Miranda  2/1/08

Interior's New Commutable Distance Test for Off-Reservation Gaming - by Sam Cohen  2/1/08

Class II Gaming is a Vital Part of the Industry - by Barry W. Brandon  1/1/08

Gaming Regulators and Rising Technology - by Jamie Hummingbird  1/1/08


Texas v. United States: Will IGRA Allow States to Have Their Cake and Eat It Too? - by John H. Douglas  12/1/07

Class II Gaming: The Importance of Getting It Right - by Knute Knudson  11/1/07

Federal Employment Laws Impact Tribal Employers - by Kevin J. Allis  11/1/07

The 2007 California Compacts... and the Latest From Organized Labor - by John H. Douglas  9/1/07

The “ABCs” of Workplace No-Solicitation Rules - by Kevin J. Allis  9/1/07

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Interior Department Affirms Compact Between the Oneida Indian Nation and New York State

A New Era in California For Tribal Gaming - by Waltona Manion  8/1/07

IGRA Intended Better State/Tribal Relations - by W. Ron Allen  7/1/07

Pay Attention Congress! - by Chief Boyd  6/1/07

The Land-Into-Trust Backlog - by Steve Cadue  5/1/07

The NLRB San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino Ruling Fallout: Dealing With Union Organizational Efforts - by Kevin J. Allis  5/1/07

The Cabazon Decision: Opening the Door to Indian Gaming 20 Years Later - by Steven Andrew Light  4/1/07

Indian Gaming Regulation vs. the National Standard - by Delores Piglsey  4/1/07

TERO and the Regulation of Tribal Employment - by Bruce Baird  4/1/07

Federal Indian Policy and Self-Determination - by Steve Cadue  3/1/07

Union Organizing in Indian Country: The Rules Change - by Scott A. Wilson  3/1/07

Class II Rules Promulgation: A Peek at the Process - by Knute Knudson  3/1/07

The Formation of the Oklahoma Tribal Gaming Regulators Association - by Barbara Kyser-Collier  2/1/07

Washington Court Gets it “Wright” – Upholds Immunity for Tribal Corporations - by Gabriel S. Galanda  2/1/07

Class II Regulation: An Interview with Phil Hogen, Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission - by Phil Hogen  2/1/07

California Gaming Issues in the Year Ahead - by Anthony Miranda  1/1/07

Transcending an Impasse and Crossing the Class II Regulatory Abyss - by D. Michael McBride, III  1/1/07


Bingo: The Storm of Controversy - by Eric Casey  12/1/06

Seeking Clarity – What Exactly is Class II Gaming? - by AJ Naff  12/1/06

NIGC Holds Final Hearing on Proposed Class II Regulations - by AJ Naff  10/1/06

The Upcoming San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino Decision: What the Future May Hold - by John H. Douglas  10/1/06

NIGC Report: Interview with Phil Hogen, Chairman of the NIGC - by Phil Hogen  9/1/06

Regulating Aids to the Play of Bingo - by Tom Foley  9/1/06

2006 NIGA Legislative Summit: Interview with Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) - by Senator Tim Johnson  8/1/06

2006 NIGA Legislative Summit: Interview with Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) - by Congressman Tom Cole  8/1/06

2006 NIGA Legislative Summit: Interview with Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Former Senator (R-CO) - by Ben Knighthorse Campbell  8/1/06

Tornado Warning for Class II Gaming - by D. Michael McBride III  7/1/06

Embassy of Tribal Nations: Its Time Has Come - by W. Ron Allen  7/1/06

Playing With the Rules - Class II Reduced - by Judith Shapiro  7/1/06

Tribal Gaming Legislation and Regulation: Man the Radar! - by Knute Knudson  7/1/06

In Politics, the "Perfect Storm" Means Trouble for Tribes - by John McCarthy  5/1/06

McCain/Pombo: Stop to Shopping? - by Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier  4/1/06

Gaming Related Contracts: Thoughts on the Proper Scope of NIGC Contract Review and Approval Authority - by Elizabeth Homer  4/1/06

Success of Tribal Gaming Leads to Backlash - by Steve Cadue  4/1/06

The Rights of Native Americans Must Be Protected - by Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK)  3/1/06

The Days of Silence - by Ernest Stevens, Jr.  3/1/06

Reservation Shopping Has Far-Reaching Consequences - by Deron Marquez  3/1/06

Paying “Our Fair Share” - by Darrell Moorehead  3/1/06

Indian Gaming: Victims of Success - by John R. McCoy  3/1/06

Indian Tribes Not to Blame for Abramoff Scandal - by John McCarthy  2/1/06

Tune Into the Roar from the Hill - by Delia Carlyle  2/1/06

Indian Gaming in California Brings Jobs and Income to Areas that Need It Most - by Kate Spilde Contreras  2/1/06

A Lobbying Scandal – Not a Tribal Scandal - by Senator Tim Johnson  2/1/06

Guilty Because of the Success of Indian Gaming? - by Steve Cadue  1/1/06

In the Wake of Scandal, Sen. McCain Presses IGRA Reforms to Strengthen the NIGC - by D. Michael McBride III  1/1/06

Accomplishments, Yes; But Struggle Continues - by Anthony Miranda  1/1/06


An Open Invitation to Senator McCain: Come Visit Indian Country - by Steve Cadue  12/1/05

NIGC Opinion on Cowlitz Indian Tribe - by National Indian Gaming Commission  11/23/05

Behind the Controversy: A Review of the Justice Department’s Proposed Amendment of the Johnson Act - by Elizabeth Homer  11/1/05

Can Department of Justice Pull Plug on Class II Gaming? - by Judith Shapiro  11/1/05

NIGC Report: Indian Gaming Working Group Successes - by Chuck Choney  10/1/05

G2E Roundtable: Department of Justice Proposes Legislation That Could Alter the Landscape of Indian Gaming - by AJ Naff  10/1/05